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The second V2 pod gave me a nice draw that I was able to enjoy; not too loose and not too tight.

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All you need to do is take something like a little screwdriver and lift the plastic under the chimney. The vapor is, however, above average for the size and type of the device. But the flavor on the V1 is much more inconsistent due to a lot of dry hits. Not a lot mind you. But if it continues, I worry that it could possibly kill the batteries. Dry hits: The original Suorin Air gives dry and burnt hits often.

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There are a lot of theories and hacks for trying to alleviate it, but it comes down to a poorly designed atomizer. If it had temperature control, that would mean the coil material would likely be different and the electronics would have to be different. The two devices and pods should not be compatible. But they are.

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This leads me to believe that there is no temperature control. My colleague, Zora, has gotten multiple dry hits with the V2. The Suorin Air needed an update. Unfortunately, the update probably needs an update too!

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  • The version 2 has a more consistent vape, but the quality control is not where it should be. There is no way to determine ahead of time if you will get a super-tight draw or an easy draw. Luckily you can hack it to have an easier draw if you wish, but ideally the pods will work how they should with no fiddling. Whether the original or the version 2, the Suorin Air is far from being my favorite pod mod. There are too many inconsistencies for me to be able to recommend it. What about you?

    If you have the Suorin Air, how has your experience been and what version do you have? Best Products.

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    Home Reviews Suorin Air V1 vs. V2: Making Sense of the Unmarked Update. Suorin Air V1 vs. Better late than never… right? Packaging from V1 and V2. Physical differences.

    Visible differences on the cartridges: The rubber plug on V1 is black, but red on V2. V2 has a horizontal plastic tab to help the pods lock in the battery.

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