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A main feature of the building is the herbal-production lab with gleaming metal drums shining through the glass walls.

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Skeletons and anatomical displays fill the rooms, but the main event is in the cabinet of unsettling specimens. Horses, monkeys and even human fetuses are on display, showing all of the gory innards that our skin fortunately covers. Named after a 10th-century Islamic philosopher and physician, this museum takes a glimpse into medicine across the Middle East and Asia.

Its modest but ancient collection includes artifacts from Greco-Arab doctors and medical manuscripts dating to the tenth century.

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Unani drugs and some dusty-looking tools are on display alongside a large array of busts of then-famous scientists, few of whom will be familiar at all. There are also handmade antiquated clay and mud molds showing the GI and respiratory systems. Celebrating its 60th birthday this year, the Meguro Museum started out when Dr.

His specimens evolved into one of the most intriguing medical museums in the world, with two floors dedicated entirely to hundreds of skin-crawling and burrowing parasites. The museum owns approximately 60, specimens.

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An impossibly long Diphyllobothrium nihonkaiense , or tapeworm, is on display. Those who want to keep the experience alive can purchase a T-shirt with the creature printed on it, more or less where it would be living inside of you, feeding parasitically. This educational museum helps you to "know your enemy," presenting more than 2, examples of human diseases past and present. Among the samples are a 19th-century tuberculosis lung, an ovarian tumor featuring teeth and hair and brains infected with mad cow disease. Largely geared toward students, welcoming nearly 10, a year, the museum is the only one of its kind in Australia open to the public.

Opened in , the museum continues to update its collection.

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This medical and anatomy museum is just one of many trippy experiences in Amsterdam. The 10, oddball items from the Vrolik family's collection dating to the s include one-eyed creatures, preserved conjoined twins and so-called mermaid fetuses. The 16th-century bladder stone the size of a human fist is especially painful to look at, but no more than the pathologically deformed bones or corset livers.

Latvia doesn't scream medical tourism, but this museum's hodgepodge of items started by Latvia's greatest surgeon and medical historian is worth a visit. Paul Stradins started the collection in the s.

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  7. It includes, among other things, both a two-headed canine and the dog named Chernushka, who was launched into space aboard Sputnik 9, and survived. The museum houses more than , items, with dioramas including a recreated medieval pharmacy and town that explores healing techniques of the Middle Ages.

    A varied collection of about organs dating to the late 19th century is the major draw at this Canadian academic museum. The only problem is that you can't visit it -- yet. You can reserve a museum pass online through TixKeeper , or by calling the library at Do I need my library card to pick up the musuem pass?

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    Yes, you will need to present the library card that you used when reserving the museum pass to pick it up, unless your record indicates that someone else is authorized to pick up your materials. What is the loan period for museum passes? Museum passes loan for three days. Day one is the day that you pick up the pass. You have the pass for the entirety of day two.

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    On day three, the pass is due back to the Circulation Desk by the library's closing time. Do not drop the pass kit into the book drop, or return it to any other Chester County library. How far in advance can I reserve a pass? Reservations can be made up to 60 days in advance. What are the late fees? You will be responsible for the replacement cost for any lost, or damaged, museum passes.

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    What if I can't pick up the museum pass until after the reservation date? You can cancel your museum pass reservation on TixKeeper. If you cannot pick up your reserved pass, but don't want to cancel your loan, please call the library on the first day of your reservation. If you choose to continue with your loan, please note that you will have one less day of total checkout time for the museum pass.

    Where do I return my museum pass? Please return the museum pass to the Easttown Library Circulation Desk during business hours. Do not drop the pass into the outside book drop, or return it to any other Chester County Library. Can I cancel my reservation?