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Independent Grocery will not accept my printed coupon from the internet. I am shocked at those people that think that people using coupons are being cheap, Many of us have had to put our ego aside and try to make ends meet for our famalies, Not due to a lack of education or working but sometimes life throws an unexpected curve ball outside ones control and I feel rather than relying on a foodbank or welfar. When the manager came over she treated me horrible. She keep saying that statement over and over again.

Then she saw, Quebec and said…still no. The story goes on and on. She was so rude! Then she said, we are going to let you get away with it this time. That was when I blew my lost it. I told her that when someone is being honest with her, she needs to listen. I worked as a cashiers for many years at loblaws, even was a cashier trainer for 2 years.

I was never told coupon policy, never really came up as we did not get a lot of coupons besides coupon zone ones. I know they both have coupon zone coupons but their different chains. When I visit Loblaws theirs are entirely different.

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I believe one chain is owned by Dominion. Regarding the stacking I have read the policy could someone please point out where it says that a coupon zone and a manafacturer coupon can be used on the same item? When I do my large coupon hauls I usualy visit the supervisor and ask which till she wants me to go to.

That prevents any arguments and keeps us on good terms. Patricia: Loblaws banner stores no longer accept a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon.

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You can use one or the other. I am slightly confused by the last comment about Loblaws banner. Does that mean that you can still stack the coupon zone and manufacturer coupons at Real Canadian Superstore and No Frills, but just not at Loblaws? I have found that if you are really friendly to cashiers that they will sometimes allow stacking at Loblaws. Hello recession and HST!!!! You would think more stores would start being a little more lenient as many of us are scrambling to save money to compensate for higher rates of taxation. I totally agree that living frugal does not make you cheap and I resent people who roll their eyeballs at you in line for using 2 or 3 coupons!!!

I have found myself feeling persecuted sometimes with the way people sometimes respond to you. Cashiers should not be allowing it. I was at a No Frills and the cashier said that you can only price match OR use a coupon. Walmart lets you do this all the time. Is No Frills supposed to let me do both?

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Interpretation of these rules is very different. Polite persistance is key. Do you know what the ad match policy is for Superstore? I went on their website but could not find anything. Where are you located? It may be different where you live. Are you aware of such a policy, past or present? No, you cannot stack coupons some people have been able to do this at select stores, but head office told me it is not allowed. For example say I have 3 coupons for Tide liquid for 1. Cassie, Are you aware if you are allowed to price match at RCSS and use a coupon on the item you are price matching? I was disappointed..

Thank you.

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We like to go to No Frills and price match most of our items and then use coupons on top of that. This is our weekly routine and we have never had an issue with coupons. So I went alone for the first time in a long time a couple weeks ago and price matched two tresemme hairsprays and used two printed coupons on top of that. We have done this particular transaction so many times but because my husband who happens to be very handsome was not with me they gave me a huge hassle and I was there for about 10 minutes while they whispered to themselves and looked at me like I had a third eyeball coming out of my face.

He has also twice been able to get the 4 individual pack of Lactancia Butter price matched for super cheap instead of the regular size that was stipulated in the competitors flyer. Needless to say all of the managers were woman!

Can I buy 2 boxes of wipes and 2 boxes of diapers and use all 10 coupons? Based on my research, I believe so but wanted to ask an expert on this as I am quite new to couponing. I price match most things at RCCS and page numbers would speed up my process.

Thanks in advance! Your site is super useful!

I went to the RCSS today and was told by 4 cashiers and 2 managers that there coupon policy had changed. They told me that Loblaws no longer accepts any printed coupons, I find that weird since loblaws uses Smart Source to print there own coupons I am calling head office tomorrow but I just wanted to know if they were losing to me thank you. If i have a bunch of different manufacturer coupons that were mailed to me through websites like save. If i buy all of these at once can i use all three coupons at once? What that means is that if No Frills cashier scans an item at another price then what it actually is on the tag, You need to mention to them that no this item is priced 3.

If she knows her store policies well she will just enter a code 33 and void the cost of the item therefor you get it for free. I always say that would be great. I can say from my experience the manager comes and shows her how to void it so you get it for free then you finish the rest of your purchases. Make sure you watch each item they scan checkout , I always do because I have always managed to get one item least for free because the scan it wrong.

Hope someone found this helpfull. I have trouble understanding the policy sorry.. Their policy states that they do not allow this, so you must just have a very coupon-friendly store. Can coupons double in Fortinos or other canadian super-stores?

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In a product that I had purchased, there were 2 coupons for future purchases included in the box — one coupon in English and the other in french. The coupons are exactly the same, including the scan code. Your email address will not be published. Our goal at MapleMoney is to present readers with reliable financial advice and product choices that will help you achieve your financial goals.

To do that, transparency is critical. Loblaw Optical - Th Street. Eyewear - Th Ave. Loblaw Optical - S. Marine Dr. Loblaw Optical - Grandview Hwy. Loblaw Optical - Anderson Way. Loblaw Optical - Langford Parkway. Loblaw Optical - Louie Dr. Loblaw Optical - Pth 12 North. Loblaw Optical - Cargill Rd. Loblaw Optical - Mcphillips St. Eyewear - Regent Ave.