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McDonald Wholesale. Besides a big slice of birthday cake, there is nothing sweeter than free food on the anniversary of your birth. Find out if your favorite eatery is on this list of restaurants that offer free birthday gifts to guests. Many retailers understand that some birthday gifts can take the form of an exclusive discount or perk offered to patrons celebrating a birthday. Browse through this list of retailers who offer birthday freebies to loyal customers.

Check out this list of entertainment hot spots that offer birthday freebies and plan something fun! Get the scoop on even more freebies with our lists for kids, moms, dads, and more in the slideshow below:. This year I received a coupon in the mail for a magnifying glass that doubles as a screwdriver with 5 bits.

Important Coupon Considerations

Well done Menards. I signed up for the thing in their store and received the coupons in the mail right before my birthday. Each coupon offers all the ingredients of a Breakfast buffet according to your choice. Additional drinks sodas,. Please advise your waiter about your breakfast Meal Plan coupons when. Each coupon offers an appetizer, a main course and a dessert.

Beverages of any kind are not included.

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  • Two meal. Some specialty. In the Ameca. Promotions over promotion do not apply. We invite. Includes food and lots of fun.

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    Since we have limited seating on these theme nights. Our Meal Plans do not include beverages and tips; they are not refundable or cannot be replaced in case of. You give the server your coupon s. You order your app, entree, and later you dessert. If there are restrictions to an entree you desire requiring multiple coupons or coupons don't apply to this item , your server will tell you.

    After you are done, you will be presented a separate check ONLY if you have ordered drinks or other non-coupon items. For example, we don't use coupons for our child. We order for her from the menu. They bring us two checks: One for the plan meals. We sign that one and we are done. The other is for her dinner and any drinks we order. It is important to remember that the coupons don't cover tips. There are 12 coupons , six for breakfast and six for dinners.

    285+ Birthday Freebies for Your Special Day

    Each dinner coupon covers the appetizer or salad, the main course and a dessert. If you intend to eat at some of the fancy restaurants, then the meal plan can be a good deal for two adults but the the coupons for meals will be wasted on a 10 year old. We would use the breakfast coupons to eat a large late breakfast and a light dinner in at the Lago buffet on one day and then on the alternating day eat at the fanciest restaurant.

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